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DinesenDK: Will it be possible to exchange lower level planet commendations for higher level commendations in the future?

Georg: It’s something we had in testing but took out as it lead to a majority of players not spending any commendations and just uptrading them, which defeats the purpose of the commendation system. I can see us re-opening this topic a while down the road, maybe in context of discussing something like the much requested Legacy Bank.
Gee, maybe because not every planet had something we wanted or was useful to our class?

YuvalZiv - Are there any plans to add a barber shop anytime soon, or a feature that will allow existing characters to enjoy additional customization options, unlocked through the Legacy system?

Damion: "Are there plans?" - the answer is yes. "Anytime soon" -- the answer is no. It's not that we don't want to do it, it's just a little further down in the priority queue, and so I don't want everyone to have any expectations that are unrealistic in terms of when it will get into your hands.
I can respect the reasoning, but I really hope it gets in soonish.
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