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Think about it. We're playing at the very peak of the Jedi's power and influence. Yes, they were just dealt a crushing blow by losing the Temple, but they've been dealing with Sith for years, if not decades, on end.

While three thousand years later, the Galactic Republic is at it's height and power, and while the Jedi Order is still powerful and respected, they've mainly been at peace for centuries. Most Jedi have probably never seen the business end of a Lightsaber in a fight, and there are more scholars and diplomats than warriors. Even the idea of surviving Sith teachings is kept closely guarded by the Masters.

In this timeline, there are probably thousands of Jedi floating about, by the time the movies come about, that number probably has decreased to hundreds. They were wholly unprepared for a fight, hell, the Republic didn't even maintain a standing army.

Stagnation has a way of dulling the senses, which is why Sideous won. He played both sides, to him it didn't matter who won, just that the Republic was weakened enough for him to fulfill a takeover. Not to mention, he was a diabolical genius.