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The fix to biochem is a real simple one, that is get rid of single use consumables.

If it's purple it's an infinite use for biochem, its 100 or more use for anyone else. If it's blue, make it a 25 or 50 use item. People wouldn't have to do biochem on all of their characters anymore and you'd probably be able to sell more of your items if they weren't single use.

If you want to get real crazy, have armorsmith make aim based buffs, gunsmith cunning based, synth strength based, and artiface willpower based, so you spread out the consumables abit.

If you want to get even more insane, have synthweave make bags instead of or in addition to buying inventory spots from the game itself like every other mmo does with their sewing class.

I enjoy this game, the crafting in it is absolutely terrible though.
armstech doesn't make cunning? dangit.. as I was going to be one of those next :P ahh.. maybe i'll go, man I don't know now.. I was so set on armstech. dang.

hrmm.. sec, I remember buying skill barrels off some guy when I was like 35.. those had cunning on them, fairly sure he was an armstech guy.