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Fantastic work! This matches all my own conclusions regarding the seeming contradictions of the plotline.

I'll add one more point though: there's a narrative necessity for the Emperor to remain alive for a while yet. That is, we've learned that the Emperor has a plan to literally devour all the life in the Galaxy, making himself essentially a god. It'll be a bigger version of the ritual he used to exterminate all life on his home planet, which made him immortal.

This places the Emperor directly in conflict with EVERYONE and EVERYTHING in the Galaxy. He is ultimately the main antagonist for the whole game. It's unthinkable that the primary overall antagonist would be killed in a single class' story arc.

Look at how Revan was handled; there are two flashpoints on each side, for a total of four flashpoints, to bring his story to its not-quite-really-a-conclusion. How, then, could the Emperor's true story be handled with less?

Essentially, for the JK apologists to be correct that the Emperor is really dead, we'd have to accept that a) his immortality was a LOT less impressive than it seemed, despite having kept him alive for 1600 years so far, and b) that amazing storyline about devouring all life will never proceed.

My expectation is that the Emperor's story will be expansion material. I think we'll see the rise of a new faction within the Empire to rebel, and possibly some secret deals with the Republic. I expect to see multiple flashpoints and operations to resolve this story, as well as new planetary story arcs. There's a lot of narrative laid out here, and I just can't imagine why Bioware would drop it all after all this work setting it up.