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Willpower is first. Endurance means much for pvp and is not so important for pve. Then u need to have crit at least 30% (as it is said above) . Then i think it's the matter of your preference what to choose: crit/surge or power. I prefer crit cause it's not more crits, it's also allows me to get free noble sacrifice buff earlier and sometimes i can't cast healing trance till the end (i'm pushed/stuned/interrupted, i have to move, my target can move out of sight). And i don't like alacrity actually: for urgent healing i have force armor+rejuv+deliverence (and alacrity effects only deliverence) and in over situashions 0.1-0.3 sec don't really matter much
Between crit/surge and power, Power is generally better assuming you're not completely gimped on crit and surge. Especially as a healer, you tend to care more that you are critting at all, and beyond that adding more power increases your total throughput and makes your heals more force efficient (both crits and noncrits) whereas Surge still requires a crit event to even be a part of the equation.

Surge IMO is better than crit once you're at ~30%-35% crit self buffed. Then at that point surge improves your autocrits on Trance and when using Force Potency in a pinch along with your unaided crits. At this point, if you're otherwise pretty much full Columni, you can start spending your Columni commendations on the Smuggler gear with Power/Surge enhancements.
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