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My first post... go easy.

I'm yet to obtain access to the game so am undertaking research into classes, group instances, raids, solo mission etc.

I understand that Operations are either 8 man or 16 man events, and that Flashpoints are 4 man - but have BW gave any inclining of increasing this size?

Instances in EQ were typically 6 people... and raids up to 72 people back in the day. Even EQ2 has 24 man (to some, that was too little). I understand this game primarily is aimed at WoW'ers but 16 man raids doesnt pitch much scope for extremely detailed tactics (obviously not zerging lol).

What I mean is... of the hardcore/endgamer mmo's I have played, if 1 person out of 72 messed up; then it was a struggle. Everyone had to be on their a-game to deserve a win. If there are only 16 people; whos to say raiding wont be a complete breeze... ?

I'm happy to take on board rationale for keeping it 16 max; and hopefully some of you could ease my qualms as I've never raided with a team that small; for me it was all about size.

I primarily play to raid... just want to ensure my money, time and effort isnt going to waste if operations are going to suck baws.

Help me see the light.

While I don't agree with you OP, I won't troll you like the others.

I definitely understand your perspective (I come from EQ/EQII as well). As i've done more MMO's, though, I've come to enjoy raiding in smaller groups MUCH more because I get to have a whole raid of only my tight-knit friends. It has been a really good experience for me to bond with my RL Friends this way without having to have a lot of extraneous people to fill the ranks.

So anyway, I wouldn't be against larger raids as long as the smaller raids were also an option.