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03.15.2012 , 09:03 PM | #1
hello im playing on Uthar Wynn, since last month we have less than 80 people online on both sides at same time. To start WZ you need to wait like 30mints to 1 hour ( only 20-30 same 50lvl peoples left playing), and there noone doing any FP. Besides that my guild downed from 300 active players to 5-6, so we cant do ops now too. Since Bioware wont do anything about it only solution for us is to reroll on other server. What most of 50lvl players decided to do last week ( so now we have like 5-10 50lvls on both sides, which means no pvp/pve).

So which EU server would you recommend to reroll? Or should i just cansel subscription and wait like 6 months when they start merging dead servers.

Its a pain to lose 2 50lvl full BM and rakata chars and start from scratch, but there no other solution. Whats worse that none of my remaining guildie willing to reroll and just waiting till theyr sub ends, but they wont probably return back when bioware finally decides to fix problem with dead servers(