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03.15.2012 , 07:09 PM | #18
Well written OP.

I have played many MMOS's, including WoW from release. I love PvP, and participated in Arenas in TBC and hovered around 1900 ratings on multiple classes, but I did not like the direction of them towards WotLK an onward. I am actually against Arenas for reasons others have posted above.

Some may say Im a noob, never broke 2K, blah blah...whatever. I enjoyed the competition and playing with my friends regardless if we were not the fotm or even had great synergy as classes I said, I just LOVE pvp.

The way you have it spelled out.... I think I would enjoy arenas in SWTOR. I am just skepticle of the potential changes that could be brought about because of the cries of the people that cant stand to lose because the class they play cannot 1 shot everything.

Anyways... great post. It got me thinking about it. You may have turned an arena hater into an arena advocate.