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A variation on some of these themes also occurred to me.

Have computer consoles dotted around the corridors or panels on the walls that require multiple players to click them in the correct sequence to actually do something.

Then have a huge computer screen somewhere behind the final boss in the instance and when you kill him, a sequence or code appears that can be used next time through. If nobody notes it down quickly enough - you've got to be quicker noticing next week.

Then maybe that code can be used to bypass some of the trash.

Or entering the "right" code(s) as you enter/progress through the instance results in a 2nd (then 3rd then 4th, etc.) code on the final screen. Since each the progression of codes requires killing the final boss (or again *something*) to get a new code for next week. Maybe some of the codes could be randomly bogus. Maybe they could switch something on/off without explaining to players exactly what - adding an extra sense of exploration beyond "let's go kill Garj again". 8 digit codes (assuming at least 8 players in any given raid to press 8 symbols should make them complex enough not to be guessed and short enough to be stored in a DWORD register).

If there were a progression of codes, maybe those codes could require a timer - ever decreasing to access the next code. Adding an extra element of challenge to each evening's raiding (though care would be required to make something like this work with raiders who raid over multiple nights).

Take it a stage further... maybe we could remove "normal", "hardmode" and "nightmare" from the raiding configuration and the difficulty level could be accessed via entering the right code at the console immediately inside the instance. Sure, the codes would become known on the internet very quickly if they were fixed - so make them semi random and store them against the player and only be able to use codes stored against players in the active raid. Though may the loot lockout system would prevent this? (Are players regularly doing normal and hardmode/nightmare in the same week?).

Whilst the code system is probably asking a bit much in terms of development resources, the logical "action to consequence" mechanics were already demonstrated in Black Talon.

My imagination is fairly limited, I've tried to keep to elements that fit within the SW:TOR architecture. I suspect a console at beginning of EVERY raid instance or a trash shortcut in EVERY raid instance could be just as dull as not having them. I'm sure someone can come up with more imaginative solutions than I've quoted.

So anyway... more conversation wheels within FPs and OPs please. And more consequences and impact as a result.