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Hurray, another bump with feedback. I am glad that for all of the positive feedback. It really makes the work I put into it this thing worth it.

Quote: Originally Posted by ByronixHero View Post
I have to say I lost you a bit there. What do you mean with "self-fulfilling prophecy". Isn't such a prophecy where the feedback from it results in it coming to be?

Also, while on that:
Isn't it established that Scourge, Revan and the Exile met the true body? You speculated on them having met the Voice, but how could that be? Revan has certainly met with the original body at least once at any rate, when he and Malak found him, correct? So isn't it bizarre that he fell for a duplicate body?

My take on all of this, is that we probably didn't fight the battle Scourge envisaged and thus will fight him again.
I'll first preface my response by saying that comment was made with the understanding that the Revan and crew were winning in their fight against the "Emperor" prior to Scourge's betrayal. I haven't read the book, so I could be wrong on that in which case the comment doesn't work how I intended it to.

Now if my understanding was correct, then that would mean that had Scourge not had his vision then Revan and crew would have defeated whatever they were fighting. If they were fighting the true body then that would mean that the only reason that Scourge's vision was true was because he had the vision and had he not had the vision then the Emperor wouldn't have been alive for the Jedi Knight to ever fight, makign the vision a self fullfilling prophecy. However if Revan and crew were fighting the Emperor's Voice then regardless of whether Scourge had his vision or not, the Jedi Knight would have still fought the Emperor 300 years later.

Now I have to acknowledge that even if my interpretation is correct there is still an aspect which would be self fullfilling since Scourge was only able to help the Jedi Knight because the Scourge acted as a result of his vision. Now there are two possible responses to this, either Scourge would have been kept alive like Revan was had he not betrayed Revan(I don't know why the Emperor would do this, maybe for the visions) or just there is no way to avoid the vision being a self fullfilling prophecy. I just dislike self fullfilling prophecies so any interpretation that avoids them is preferred in my book. *shrug*

Regarding whether or not Revan met the Emperor's true body, I think Temeluchus covered all the major points in his post.

Edit: This post was originally posted before I was done writing it and I had thought the post was lost through going back a page. I rewrote my response and just pasted it above. My apologies to anyone who read the incomplete response.
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One Night Stands and Similar Encounter (spoilers again, and I am probably going to repost this sometime in the future)