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Incredible, I say incredible work!

Bravo on a job well done. I've got a couple of questions though, more will follow probably.

If we go with the assumption that Scourge has never met the Emperorís True Body, this could actually explain why Scourgeís vision didnít show Revan beating the Emepror without having to resort to self fulfilling prophecies.
I have to say I lost you a bit there. What do you mean with "self-fulfilling prophecy". Isn't such a prophecy where the feedback from it results in it coming to be?

Also, while on that:
Isn't it established that Scourge, Revan and the Exile met the true body? You speculated on them having met the Voice, but how could that be? Revan has certainly met with the original body at least once at any rate, when he and Malak found him, correct? So isn't it bizarre that he fell for a duplicate body?

My take on all of this, is that we probably didn't fight the battle Scourge envisaged and thus will fight him again.
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