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I don't venture away from the sever forums too often due to the ill (and well deserved) reputation of these other forum categories. But I feel it's high time to exemplify the bright shining star which makes SWTOR one of the best games I've played in a long long time. COMMUNITY.

Of all the MMORPGS, FPSes, RTSes, of any online game I've ever played ever, SWTOR has hands down the BEST community I've ever seen.

Sure from time to time you find the one "bad egg" but in other games *ehem* WoW *ehem* it seemed finding a decent person was more difficult then finding the stereo-typical troll.

In TOR finding a group, helping people out, asking for advice is well received and responded too decently. Hell, even in PvP I've seen enemies express "GG" to each other.

As we all know the spark which really ignites a MMORPG and keeps the flame going strong is the community, the people. And aside from all the huge bugs, lack of content and major flaws, SWTOR has that keystone locked in place.

Maybe one day these forums will reflect the in-game mentality, but as long as the cynicism from here doesn't leek into there I'll be happy.

Thanks TOR for being filled with awesome players!
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