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No.. This is NOT my first MMORPG, it is my favorite, though.
And I suppose I misinformed you, I am not quitting.z I'm just tired of being made fun of for being a star wars fan, by other players (ironic)
I understand your frustration.

I long ago learned my lesson about addiction and MMORPGs. If I am playing an MMORPG, you can bet I still find it fun on some level. The instant it stops being fun, I cancel my subscription and play something else.

I am mostly trying to help people what drives this sort of behavior on MMORPG forums.

I was not in any way accusing you of engaging in this sort of behavior yourself.

PS -- the "hello and welcome to MMORPGs" was tongue in cheek. Surely by now you realize this kind of behavior on MMORPG forums is sadly common. It's the same no matter how good or bad the actual game is, but I do not think it is fair to lash out at those who react this way. They are frustrated and upset and confused about what is frustrating and upsetting them.
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