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Is it me or these forums just full of Troll's.. Im pretty sure in the terms of service and so on it says no Trolling yet the forum is full of it. You make a statment in PvP forum for example and get wait for it omg l2p. Is anyone from Bioware actully reading anything that goes on on the forums at all ?? it's making community as a whole look like a bunch or angry 12 yearolds. You cant even flag the post as it just says for rude blaah blaah posts

And yes i know i will get Trolled for posting this ...
MMORPGs are all like this.

If you remain as constructive as possible and are willing to be really patient, provided enough other people imitate your behavior, it is possible to reduce the amount of trolling from very large to merely large. I personally think it's worth it even if the payoff seems minuscule.

It may help to understand what drives this behavior. Game designers are aware of fairly sophisticated psychological techniques to make a game more addicting regardless of how fun it is. Unfortunately, MMORPGs use these design techniques heavily. This results in a large number of people who continue playing and paying for a game they no longer find fun. They get frustrated and angry, but do not understand why they are frustrated and angry. Instead of doing the sensible thing and walk away from the game, instead they focus on some element of the game as the reason they are so miserable. This element of the game becomes "the enemy" in their minds, and they really really hate whatever it is no matter how valid or vapid their criticism is. They convince themselves that if only the developers would change this one element of the game, the game will become fun for them again. They are almost always wrong about that.

I think it is important to regularly remind people that they should not pay for entertainment that no longer entertains them. It is not healthy for them, and it is not good for the community that chooses to remain. Keep reinforcing the idea that if the game is no longer fun for them, they should find another game that is.
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