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I have had SWTOR since it launched and currently have 3 characters. Two of them are level 26 and one is level 12. Back when I first stated playing I remember seeing roughly 100 plus playerss on each planet. The General chat used to be full of people nattering away to each other,offering advice and just generally shooting the breeze.

I have noticed recently however that when I come online and say `Hi` to everyone I am usually met with stony silence. There just doesn't seem to be the same level of general friendliness as before. Luckily I am in a Guild with 300+ members and we have an interguild channel that lets me talk across guilds too.

Now maybe everyone is in guild chat all the time and they dont even have general chat showing up any more. Am I just unlucky to be on a low population server or are other people seeing the same decline in general chat as me? Just as a comparsion when I play Champions Online there is always plenty of lively chat about the game,LFG requests and people just talking about life etc.

I would appreciate it if you could let me know if I'm just simply unlucky with general chat or if this is the sign of gradual decline in community spirit.
Please do not take this personally.

I'm a bit of a fluffhead, and most of the time I'm in the game I completely fail to notice the chat dialog box at all. I am not in a guild in this game, but in other guilds in other games, my guildmates have to shout in all caps over and over to get me to respond to anything.

I cannot imagine I am the only person who does this.
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