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It's alright to nerf Operative


Let's look at one example. Pre pull preparation in a 4 man hard mode run.

Operative has to use on ability 8 times (stack it 2 times on each player) that costs him 15 energy each cast (120 in total).

[...] <- the math done here is correct

48 energy = 48% of the operatives base pool.

The sorcerer
116 is = 23% of their base pool. 212 = 42.4% of their base pool of 500. I dont know of any sorcerers who do not have 600 force.
Sorry mate, you sound too much like a permanent rant. You also seem to ALWAYS forget regen % on your calculations:

Operatives regen at 5% total energy per second, 3% per second in medium zone, 2% in lowest regen tier. Without the buff.

Socerers regen at 8/500 = 1.6% per second. Without buffs. Even less if they have 600 Force.

Devs have already stated that they are fixing operatives. What is exactly your point?