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03.14.2012 , 01:33 PM | #244
Hey everyone; class balance conversations can be inflammatory and easily spin out of control. I'd like to ask everyone to keep on topic here and not allow the conversation to become too vitriolic.

Georg has posted multiple times on class balance and our views on the discussion of class balancing. As a general rule we don't comment too much on changes before those changes are playable, usually on the Public Test Server. Changes have been made to Imperial Agents including Operatives in Game Update 1.2, as Georg has mentioned before. You'll be able to see those on PTS before too long; we'll probably provide more detail on the rationale behind those changes after we see some feedback from yourselves based on PTS play. (And we would highly encourage you to play 1.2 on PTS. We're already getting early feedback from in-house testing, but the more we get, the better.)

No class in The Old Republic is being 'ignored', but every class is examined and balanced with an eye to the overall balance of the game. As many of us play one class to the exclusion of others, it's easy sometimes to think that your class is being unfairly treated. It's not a deliberate strategy. Any suggestion that a class is being deliberately ignored in favor of another class (or faction) is unfair, at best.

The development team read the Forums and act on feedback here (as well as many other sources, including a lot of data from within the game). Your feedback has helped shape Game Update 1.2 and it will definitely help shape the game in the future.