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trolls post because they do not understand... As stated above, the visual effects matter a LOT because your damage isn't dealt until the visual impacts on your target.

So if you put shock and project side by side, shock hits instantly because it's just a pop of electricity. Project has to pull a rock up out of the ground and then throw it. I've actually had to time go immune after an opponent casts project, but before it hits me, saved my life and i was able to finish him.

The same thing can be said for the IA explosive probe and the smugglers Sabotage charge. The smuggler has to physically throw the charge onto an enemy in order for it to work, having a ~1 sec travel time to reach its target. Imperial agents call explosive probe down from the sky instantly, allowing you to actually cast Snipe THEN explosive probe and have that same snipe shot blow up the explosive probe.

Also dirty kick had issues being used if not standing completely still where debilitate happened immediately and without issues.

The "mirror" classes are only that way in theory, not in actuality. And yes, it's still offensive to be treated as such by a developing member of the bioware team, i know he was taught manners at some point but clearly not given the capacity to use them. I would certainly be upset if i were this guys boss, what a dick remark.
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Still should've brought more Sages imo