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You're joking, right? I'll just assume this post was for a laugh on your part.


The visual effect of a power is meaningless compared to it's numbers in the game. if two powers which are supposed to be mirrors have different visual effects, but the same cast times, same damage, and the same cost, they're the same power. Let's compare Disturbance and Lightning Strike, since they're early powers a lot of people are familiar with. With one, the jedi charges it up, and then lets go, and the enemy appears to just sort of be violently assaulted by power. with the other, the sith charges it up, with lightning at their hands, and then lets go, and lightning strikes from them to the enemy. Very different, right?


Which one is doing more damage? Which one has a longer cast time? Higher range? oh, right. Which one comes at an earlier level? RIGHT! neither. these are mirrored powers. If the devs wanted, they could change the animation of the power so that you unzipped your pants and pissed on the enemy. If the damage, charge time, aquisition level, and talents related to this are the same, well, they're the same. I'm pretty sure there isn't a disparity between the factions that isn't player-created.

In any case, your post and its condescension are COMPLETELY inappropriate for a fan of the game. Your attitude toward Bioware is poor and if I was in BW's management, I would have removed your speaking priviledges on the public forums way back in beta. You need to take anger management classes.
it isn't about the damage, the visuals actually DO matter. There are animation delays, part of their "cinematic combat."

When a Sage/Shadow uses Project, they rip a droid or rock out of the ground, then throw it at their opponent. This animation takes ~0.6 seconds. When a Sorc/Assassin uses shock (the 'mirrored' ability), they instantly fire lightning from their hand. No 0.6s delay.

This has noticeable effects. If you see a regular mob casting a heal, project/shock will stun them. 0.6s can easily be the difference between that heal landing or not.

When you have a buff about to wear off, such as Force Potency or Particle Acceleration, and it is consumed on hit, you can cast Project while you have the buff, and have it fall off before it arrives. This is particularly noticeable with Particle Acceleration, which gives Project a 100% critical chance. You frequently see Projects cast as that buff is about to expire not crit, because it fell off. This does not happen with Shock.

Similar problem of animation delay having a negative impact are widespread on the Trooper, and absent from the BH. BH's who try and play a Trooper often report that they cannot, just due to the sluggishness of the animation delays. The Devs have stated that Trooper animations have been heavily redone for 1.2 to try and address this. How successful that is remains to be seen.

These effects are real, they are documented, and the Devs have both acknowledged them and stated they are being addressed in 1.2. Do try and be informed before making condescending posts.
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