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I would like to see a community who takes time to get their facts straight before tip-tap-tapping away at their keyboard like they're being paid by the word.

I'd like to see a community who, instead of touting snarky comments straight from 4Chan, actually has an intellectual conversation about why the OP thinks something is wrong/right, and make valid, objective points out it.

I would like a community who knows the difference between SUBjectivity, amd OBjectivity. If you don't, please feel free to look them up.

I would like a community that, instead of frothing at the mouth about every single hurdle BioWare and EA fail to jump over, to concisely and calmly point out that it's not right instead of going into an all-caps rage every time a Sorcerer beats them in PVP or something.

I would like a community who, instead of berating each other and trying to play out their own little courtroom dramas in forum threads, to actually get along. Instead of scanning a post to find the buzzwords, actually take the 5 minutes to take it on board, and think of a suitable answer.

I'd like a community that throws off the shackles of internet memes, appallingly dull and vacuous sites such as 4Chan or 9GAG, and cast aside their prejudices against other members of the community - whatever the background.

I'd like a community who used manners - "please", "thankyou", and maybe even a "sorry" once in a while wouldn't kill them. It might even make them look more respectable!

A man can dream, eh?
I think frequently reminding people (as tactfully as possible of course) to be more constructive would go a long ways towards much of what you suggest.

As for avoiding 4Chan memes, I'm not sure I'm willing to get my hopes up.
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