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WoW is filled with more non-gamers than any other MMO, ever. That's why the sub numbers are so high, and that's why so many companies try to emulate that success. Blizzard brought non-gamers into the world of online gaming by making MMORPGs more accessible.
There is more than a little merit to your suggestion.

I remember thinking to myself "Why all the easymode stuff?" when I first tried it. Then reports of subscription numbers started coming in, and the reasons for those gameplay changes became abundantly clear. I didn't care for the easymode stuff, but I have to admit it gets results. Because of the easymode aspects of the game and the large population it brought, I was able to find an extremely good fit with a guild in that game and enjoyed myself immensely despite the profusion of socially malignant nimrods there.

But why would the attraction of non-gamers produce more jerks in WoW, but fewer jerks in STO? Is it just because of the intellectual property? Is there something we can do as members of the community to avoid becoming more like WoW?
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