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Hello Evangalion,

We ask that topics posted in Star Wars General Discussion stay focused on the Star Wars™ franchise outside of The Old Republic™. Since this thread is off-topic, we're going to close it. If you wish to discuss Star Wars™: The Old Republic™, please use the General Discussion forum.

Unfortunately, Patch 1.2 is not available yet on the Public Test or Live Servers, and therefor none of the planned changes are available. The current patch for both locations is 1.1.5a. You can read the patch notes, here: 1.1.5a Patch Notes.

When Patch 1.2 is released on the Public Test Server, the Patch Notes will be posted in the Public Test Server Forum, and will show up in our Developer Tracker. These notes will outline many of the changes made to the game.

We hope this answers your question. Thank you for understanding!