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Here is an example. I made my Mercenary Bounty Hinter from SWTOR. He is a Zabrak like Maul different face tattoos but same color/ design as I love black and red together.

Although I respect the art in general, I looked at your figures and they reminded me of my "Sid Days" (Toy Story 1 ref) when I used to rip off heads on gi joes then super glue on heads from other toys I had like one I did was He-Mans body with a Barbie Head cause I was making a short about when the prince wanted to get a sex change. lolz oh my crazy childhood...good times. I used to really love the crash dummies which broke apart.

Mmm but I digressed...

I have to imagine eventually they will be coming out with lots of toys sense they are so cheap to manufacture and then upsell for 50-60% return on the profits. Thank you china ;P

But in all reality I'd say the first wave is going to be generic characters from the "trailers" which honestly the only one Id want is the smuggler guy which I can't make my in game smuggler look like (damn them to hell for misleading us all) ...

but other than that bad ***, I'd like to eventually see generic PVP or PVE or Maybe Gear where we buy toy and then get a code which unlocks a special store to buy the matching orange armor as to make our in game match out toy/figurine ... and then have removable head(s) hilts as to match our race choice. Of all the classes. They obviously have statistics so possibly, we'd be able to start with the most popular and then each month or so release another class...

it's a dream. but it has me thinking...i just might buy should they sell.

PS: That electrocuted Darth Vader was awesome. It had me rolling with laughter...
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