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You don't even really need to read the books to figure it out.

Sifo-Dyas orders the clone army.

Dooku leaves the jedi order to join Sidious(this makes it clear that Dooku was once a jedi, seeing as Yoda said "my old padawan.")

Dooku kills Sifo, and Sidious uses his name to produce the clone army.

It isn't that hard to figure it out yourself, I got it all figured after watching the movie.
Nowhere in the films does it even hint that Dooku kills Sifo, tho. That's all outside the movies, which is why I called it a plot hole. If LoE was required reading for ROTS, then LoE should've been part of ROTS. It would've worked better if they'd just left it Sido-Dyas, or introduced Sifo-Dyas in Episode I, or just had Qui-Gon be the name of the guy ordering the clones. But I suppose Sido-Dyas and Qui-Gon would've just tipped the Jedi off that the clones were a Sith plot, since Dooku tells Obi-Wan of 'Darth Sidious' at the end, and Obi-Wan knew Qui-Gon well enough to know he hadn't gone to Kamino to order clones.