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in the movies Sifo-Dyas is just a dead Jedi master, in the books he was with Count Dooku in potentially leaving the jedi order and being controlled by Palpatine and his master Plagueis. Of course Palpatine kills Plagueis before the fruits of his labor could take place. But Palpatine still used them and created the clone army and the rest his history.

ofc what is true is that Count Dooku kills Sifo-Dyas (who ordered the clone army thx to Palpatine) and then erased Kamino from the archives blah blah blah, everyone seen the movie. there really isnt a plot hole in the movie, the problem is, people dont read the books related to the movies... episode 3 is 3 books long and only about 20% of it is in the movie, and all 3 books are canon so yea ppl ned to l2read.
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