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I know Sifo-Dyas ordered the Clone army but I heard that it was just an alias for Sidious or was it some random jedi??? If it was a random jedi then what was the point of putting him in there? He essentially makes the clone wars happen yet he is never pictured in the movies. Someone explain please.
Initially, Sifo-Dyas was supposed to be an alias for Sidious which is why in the movie the Jedi Masters state they've never heard of a Sifo-Dyas. Later that was ret-conned, and Sifo-Dyas became a separate entity from Sidious and was a Jedi who had been manipulated by Sidious through his friend Dooku to order the Clone army. Later he was killed in a duel with Count Dooku who then preserved the body and kept his lightsaber. Eventually, Dooku used the frozen Jedi's blood in a transfusion to keep Grievous alive while they turned him into the cyborg General Grievous.

Ultimately, Sidious is still responsible for the actual Clone army being ordered.
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