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Just a clarification, since I'm seeing a bit of misinformation around it.

We do not plan to remove the reusable stims. What we said at the Guild Summit is that we're going to phase them out - meaning while the itemization stat budget increases and new tiers of items are introduced, we're not intending to grow the reusable stims along with that at this time.
Heh heh, George my friend; this only makes things even more vague

The real question people would like answered is if there will ever be better reusable items that Biochems can make (for personal use) in the future or if it stops at what we can make now and that Biochems can never RE the new recipes into reusable versions anymore.

But the real question is 'Why?'. Why the intention remove the perk of a Biochem having reusables? They were not overpowered or anything; just a nice perk to have. So why not give similar perks to the other Crew Skills so all will have a perk for choosing a crafting skill? Now it seems the only benefit of having any Crew Skill is to become a production line factory and nothing more.

Lastly I hope you guys will also increase the number of items created per craft as at present time it takes a ridiculous amount of time and mats just to make a single medpack. If anything, consumables should be made in batches.

It's not heroic when I have to gather flowers all day just so my guild has enough medpacks/stims for an Ops.
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