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12.16.2011 , 01:25 AM | #1
Okay I am sure some of you beta testers are familiar with the "Pending Bug" where sometimes a mission reward can bug out if your inventory is full and go into a permanent "pending mode".

The icon is forever up on the top right and you are teased by it eternally never being allowed to claim your rewards.

Now the kicker? Add two bugged crew skill returns (I actually didn't even have full bags I just spammed close cause I was doing something) and now I have a total of 3 returns pending.

So if you are unfamiliar if you have more than 3 items pending you cannot receive any quest returns, send any crew skills out, or pretty much do ANYTHING. So now I am sitting here wondering if I should go into koreanmmogrind mode in order to level or hope a GM replies my ticket.