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12.13.2011 , 10:53 AM | #1
It was my understanding that you can only post here once you have received your invite email to Early Access?

I just woke up and saw that I received mine around 6:23AM EST and the subject header was "Your Wait is Over" or something like that. I launched the client, agreed to everything, and then saw that the Play button is available to me, meaning that I can go into the game and play! I choose not to because I want to play Back to Karkand [BF3] which just released for PC today so I probably won't get into SWTOR into later tonight EST.

However I see many people talking about how they are waiting for their invite or asking about what "wave" they are in and so on. Well, if they haven't been invited, then how are they able to post here? I was under the assumption that you need to be invited to the EGA before you can post here and if you aren't invited, you can only VIEW the forums, not post in them.

What am I missing?
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