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Jango? No. Boba? No. Cad? No.

Sidious is not a "strike team" type of character. Neither is Vader. Pre-Suit was even worse because he was just a hyped up emo. HK-47 is good at assassinations, but is not exactly the quiet type. Sion is just a killing machine who can't die as long as he's on a dark-side aligned world or a place of heavy dark side energy, and even then he can die if he no longer possesses the will to keep himself alive.

You want a Five person strike team who can do the job? Well, lemme think a moment.

Darth Revan: Intelligent, cunning, tactical brilliance and powerful.

Darth Zannah: Charming, cunning and a powerful Sorceress. Has managed to get into the Jedi Temple without being discovered.

Darth Cognus (aka The Huntress): Excellent Foresight. Natural Force Disrupting talent. Highly Skilled.

Asajj Ventress: Quick. Skilled. Proven effective at infiltration.

Belia Darzu: Intelligent. Sith Alchemist and Shi'ido, which means she can take virtually any form or appearance, making her superb at infiltrating and tricking the enemy.
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