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Ok this is the list I have. Please note for some of them, I have not reached the needed level to learn them (am only level 29, synthweaving 280).

Have added more info: ( Requested level for character / Actual rating ). Would be great if you can help me to identify which one you need me to capture to avoid duplicate.

One more thing I would love to add is a sort of price range for each of them. I have seen for example some going up to 300k ? (sith Champion if am not wrong) and others from 1k-5k....I thought price will increase with rating but it does not seem so...


Reinforced Battle Set (23/62)
- Reinforced Battle Chestguard
- Reinforced Battle Greaves
- Reinforced Battle Headgear


Marauder Elite Set (43/??)
- Marauder Elite Vest
- Marauder Elite Headgear
- Marauder Elite Leggings

Then, those 3 last one, did not check yet details, will do later.
- Sith Archon Handgear
Thanks SirWyst. The level is already listed on the original post and the armor value is not really needed since with orange gear, it's replaced the moment you put an armoring modification into it. The base value is only relevant if you wear the orange piece without any mods and I don't think most people would do that .

As for the screenshots you could provide, I've quoted above those I could use to fill out the list. You have the complete set for each and I'm missing screenshots of the complete set. If you could try to take a screenshot of you and a companion in the viewer (if you're female, use a male companion, or if you're male, use a female companion), so we have the look for both male and female characters, that would be great. If not, I'll accept whatever you'd like to submit as a placeholder until we can get those shots . There were some sets where you listed you had one or two pieces, but if you just have a headgear, or leggings, those are hard to get a feel for the overall outfit, so I didn't request those. I'm trying to search now for the entire set, or at least chest and leggings together until we can get a shot of the entire set.

Finally, are you sure Sith Archon Handgear is an orange schematic? I have yet to run across any orange craftable handgear, so if you can double check that, it would be awesome. You might be the holder of a very unique schematic.

Thanks again!
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