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But, all the Clone Wars episodes involving Darth Maul and his return were written by George Lucas' daughter, Katie Lucas (apparenetly she's written about 10 clone wars tv show episodes).

So, does that mean it's on the same level, because in a past interview George Lucas did say if he was going to turn over the Star Wars franchise to someone else it would be to his daughter.
Messing with lore tends to annoy me as it does many of you it seems, but at the end of the day, SW is gonna have plot holes and things that just don't quite make sense, and personally I'll excuse a lot for a good story. Bless Lucas's daughter and everyone else responsible for that last Maul-as-Shelob-and-Gollum-combined episode. The last couple episodes struck me as the all-around best written, acted, animated, directed, etc. of the whole series so far. I actually forgave them, mostly, for the R2 and 3PO go-to-the-spa episode and the exceptionally, irritatingly meddlesome TCW Padme.
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