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My 4 1/2 year old flys my space combat dailies before bedtime, while I'm doing the dishes. Whicih says something about the "accessibility" of the space combat in this game, but that's for another discussion.

I do feel a bit dirty about it sometimes though, in a Chinese gold farming camp taskmaster sort of way.

LOL this is awesome

I have two kids. One is 20, the other will be 13 soon. Both have accounts. They don't play too often as they prefer console games/XBox Live, but we have a group we level together and they have a pair they play together. They both also played SWG, EQ2, Guild Wars and Champions, and tried out very briefly Conan, Warhammer, WoW and Rift.

Love this thread. In other games I noticed a lot of berating going on if parents let their kids play. Glad to see the opposite in this thread
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