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I don't care how Darth Maul is returing- his return is downright stupid. Darth Maul was NEVER EVER EVER EVER (this cannot be stressed enough) EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER supposed to be anything more than an animal- a convinent tool used by Darth Sidious simply to let the Jedi know that the Sith have returned.
Just like Boba Fett's only role was to track down Han Solo's ship but once he was "resurrected" he transformed into a more interesting character with more meaning. In TCW, it's the same thing and in the end, we'll get a much more interesting character. Judging by the recent episode, it's already shaping up that way.

You could say that Star Wars was suppose to end at ROTJ but it didn't and the result was we got great books such as the Thrawn trilogy and Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor. Well, you could say that it's the same thing here.

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As if Dave Filoni (director of The Clone Wars) hadn't perverted the Star Wars universe enough (I.E. peaceful Mandalorians
Not all Mandalorians shared Satine's ideals of pacifism during the Clone Wars; there were factions like the Death Watch that were trying to do away with this. Also, it makes sense that the Mandalorians would want to give up their peaceful ways after having their planet turned to an inhospitable wasteland through yet another war. What else were they suppose to do?

That, and the retcon did away with Karen Traviss's works.

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giving Skywalker a Padawan,
There are a lot of people that like Ahsoka.

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changing Asajj Ventress from a Rattataki to a Dathomiri,
Which means little, really. It doesn't contradict the rest of her backstory, just her original race. Nothing more, nothing less.

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resurrecting Eeth Koth who was supposed to have died at the Battle of Geonosis
Save for a few people, nobody really cared about Eeth Koth.

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He was a worthless character- to prove that, Lucas KILLED HIM OFF.
No he wasn't. Darth Maul killed Qui-Gon Jinn, thus paving the way for a poorly trained Anakin.

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There is no reason whatsoever for Filoni to go ripping apart Star Wars lore, there's even less reason to bring Maul back, and there's even less reason for anyone on earth to like it.
There is reason why Darth Maul should be brought back: he was cool, under-utilized, and can be developed as a character. Plus, people wanted him back even before his survival was revealed. That's also reason enough for people to like it.

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And the whole "air-vent" survival is the most contrived garbage I've ever heard. First, the hole at which Darth Maul was slain- for he was slain- was a plasma mining conduit. There would be no air-vents. None.
Given that plasma generates heat, they were probably there to cool it.

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Secondly, Darth Maul was sliced completely in half. No one- NO ONE- survives something like that, no matter how "powerful in the Force" (Darth Maul wasn't even remotely powerful, either). When he was cut in half, he was dead before even toppling into the abyss. Seriously, a crappy character shows up, spins a double-lightsaber and this is all it takes to make him the hero of children? This is why the other countries are winning.
Darth Maul lived during the golden age of the Jedi and defeated a Jedi Knight who could have very well become a Jedi Master if he weren't a gray Jedi. His survival doesn't even have to do with how powerful Maul was in the Force, but how much hatred he had. Like I said, look at Darth Sion or Simus.