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03.10.2012 , 09:33 PM | #255
Just wanted to say something!

1. spotted some post about!
the cosumables have been to expensive on the gtm just one input there it is to easy to farm credits in this game!

2. They should never have given the game the daylie vendor, who are selling end mod's for customization gear. Cause that broke the other crafting profession, which made biochem the only viable choice! IMO

3. By removing the reusable the biochemist' will prob keep everything they make for them selves, and no one will get access to the craftable consumables.. And by removing the only biochem can use the reusable will also mean less profit being an biochemist! And all other crafting profession can still earn credits by selling mods, crystals, armor etc.

4. Just and idea and thought, give each crafting profession something that only that craftable proffesion can use.

Make the artificer able to make only artificer crystal's and enhancement, and hilt's.
Make the cyber tech able to make only cyber tech mods, and armor mods.
Make both synthesizer and armor tech craftable augmentation slots, for there own gear.
Make the arms tech able to make arms tech only off hands, which are modifiable, and barrel only useable for arms tech.

This is just some suggestions, how to make some buffers for the other craftable's out there.

For me it isn't a mmorpg, without each crafting profession in game have something unique to offer as crafter profession you are picking up.