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03.10.2012 , 09:04 PM | #30
Quote: Originally Posted by Tolian View Post
1. game directory
2. filename launcher.settings
3. open with notepad
4. scroll to bottom, edit "P2PEnabled": "true" <-- may be set to false
5. save with notepad

fixed mine,now back to usual 2.65mb/s speed

cos i'll be damned if i'm kept from playing what i paid for cos of minor screw ups, hope this works and see all you new guys in the game, enjoy!

Furthermore download tcp optimizer, open it.

open browser begin test, whatever download says in mbps go into tcp optimizer program set top scrolly bar to that, check optimal box. apply, reboot.
Cheers, enabling P2P worked for me. For those of you that this didn't help, it could quite possibly be because the appropriate ports are not open?

As i have no idea what ports the launcher uses for its P2P downloading i just set my machine as a DMZ host for the time being, zipping along at a respectable 1.5MB/s now.