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I don't care how Darth Maul is returing- his return is downright stupid. Darth Maul was NEVER EVER EVER EVER (this cannot be stressed enough) EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER supposed to be anything more than an animal- a convinent tool used by Darth Sidious simply to let the Jedi know that the Sith had returned. As if Dave Filoni (director of The Clone Wars) hadn't perverted the Star Wars universe enough (I.E. peaceful Mandalorians, killing Even Piell long before he was supposed to die, giving Skywalker a Padawan, making General Grievous a bumbling idiot, changing Asajj Ventress from a Rattataki to a Dathomiri, resurrecting Eeth Koth who was supposed to have died at the Battle of Geonosis) now they're bringing back a two-bit, fifteen-minutes-of-fame villian from a cruddy movie?? Darth Maul was a two-dimensinal character played by a two-dimensinal actor with less-than-impressive Kendo skills. Just because he has a saberstaff, 98.9 percent of Star Wars fans drooled over him, and are drooling over his return. He was a worthless character- to prove that, Lucas KILLED HIM OFF. There is no reason whatsoever for Filoni to go ripping apart Star Wars lore, there's even less reason to bring Maul back, and there's even less reason for anyone on earth to like it.
Stand down, this borders the realm of trolling. Maul may have been 2-d in the movie, but it has encouraged many a writer and producer to give him life.....and android legs........
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