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I'm going to make a few points here.

1. People have survived WORSE than being bisected like Maul has. In fact, an ancient Sith Lord survived as nothing but a Head, keeping himself alive via the Force until he could be put into a life-support system in a container. Naga Sadow would eventually kill him and blame his death on the Republic to bring the Sith Lords to his cause in invading the Republic.

2. Zabrak biology is somewhat iffy. They have two hearts, so it is possible to survive bisection, especially when the wound is cauterized. Shock would normally kill anyone, but given the Force and his innate strong will, he managed to survive. Moreso because of Story than anything else.

3. Anakin had both legs cut off and his other arm and was being burned by lava and still survived. Lava is over 1100 degrees fehrenheit. He shouldn't have survived being that close, yet he does to become Vader.

Essentially, if the Writers will it, anyone can survive anything. Truthfully, I can see why you wouldn't want to see Maul brought back in TCW. I would rather have had separate episodes made explaining Maul's past rather than his survival. Such as Maul eviscerating the Black Sun organization and killing several Jedi prior to the events of Ep1.
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