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03.10.2012 , 02:15 AM | #18
Yeah try doing one of the Ilum quest series with scoundrel....
Just annoyingly frustrating....

I did this chain few days ago, and I was even trying to find out on a class forum - is it just me or were those missions REALLY designed to be done non-stealth only.

As a sawbones I never stealthed in FP much (unless tranq was needed), but I had most of solo content (and some solo 2+) stealthy-style, without having much problems. And Illum's sith lady& prison just got me insane. I wiped about 10 times trying to figure out what was I doing wrong and how to CC and\or sneak\avoid detectors. Then I had to go bruteforce and just clear them all out pack by pack. It's healable, and it's possible, but I felt myself like a non-stealthy bloodthirsty trooper. Being able to stealth-solo lv50 2+ on Corellia and wiping on a regular chain mission, really?..