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okay, i have a few questions. first of all, this is my first mmo ever, and i have some basic questions.

firstly, im in a guild and im pretty sure its located in a pvp server. does that mean if im walking around doing the main story, can i get attacked?

can anybody attack me?

if i die, do i lose all my equipment?

what happens if i die?

any other general advice.

sorry about the noob questions.

You'll be vulnerable to open-world PvP in Contested zones. This means your starting planet, your second planet and your capital should be safe. There may also be safe locations on other planets - but it's best to assume otherwise until you're sure.

Only members of the opposite faction can attack you.

If you die, you lose nothing except some dignity and you'll need to do a little gear repair. Any vendor can repair your gear - there's a button on the bottom left of the vendor menu for that.

General advice:

Red = dead. Never assume an enemy will not attack, even if they don't appear to have seen you, or seem to be behaving in a friendly manner. Don't let your guard down.
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