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As the man once said, "there's the rub". You need to heal AoE damage, but that doesn't necessarily mean using an AoE effect. What you actually need is the ability to keep multiple people alive without completely overburdening yourself (either in resources or in time invested), but the mechanisms for doing so could be radically different between the classes. I'd use the phrase "separate but equal" to describe it, but we all know where that one ends up. The point is that with the right combination of tools and/or utility increases, Operatives could be just as effective at keeping a raid alive as a Sorcerer, even if the way he does so doesn't involve dropping a single big AoE heal effect. If the powers were constructed right, a combination of theoretically single-target skills (HoTs, buffs, etc.) could achieve the same goal.
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I don't think we disagree, so long as we can agree that everyone needs the tools to fill all the roles. While Commandos are considered the best tank healers in the game at the moment, I'd hate to see us black-listed from filling the Raid Healer role.

Our AoE only heals 3 people (4 or more in Patch 1.2). It has a short cooldown though, and is cheap enough to be used frequently with little penalty. If they would just put smart healing on it, I would have no complaint about the weakness (at current levels of content. I reserve the right to change my mind if it fails to be able to keep people alive, when used with the rest of the toolset, at higher levels of new content).

I used to raid as a paladin healer, and for years our version of AoE was "cast lots of tiny heals on everyone as quickly as possible." It was like serving as a manual AoE HoT that rolled through the raid. They were small, but they were fast and they were efficient, so it got the job done.

So long as I have the tools to do any job, I'm happy. I just want those tools, if more limited than someone else's, to not have inexplicable weaknesses tacked on for no reason. Smaller heal value? Fine. Smaller cap? I'll accept it. No smart healing? ***.
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