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One thing that I was really hoping would come out of the Guild Summit was more information on what class balances would be taking place in 1.2. There's been some hints here and there that changes are coming. IGN even reported that Jedi Knights will be receiving some new skills, while Bounty Hunters will be receiving a nerf. In fact, entire skill trees are changing so greatly they're actually refunding our skill points for free.

However we have yet to see any details about this. With 1.2 being pushed out to early April, it's becoming more difficult for me to remain patient. In particular with the reduction to damage to Scoundrel Scrapper damage, and the relative silence of Bioware to concerns about the classes effectiveness in Operations and PVP. I'm not eager to have to wait another month to find out how classes will be changing to become more balanced, and I'm sure many others are becoming impatient as well.

All of the other 1.2 changes and additions sound great so far, but they won't mean much to me if certain classes are still inherently better than others. Let's hear some information about what 1.2 will be doing to classes in particular, and don't skimp on the details.
Nobody outside the building has seen the patch notes for 1.2 yet. So whoever is reporting anything regarding the class changes in 1.2 is likely doing so based on second or third hand commentary from someone who might - or might not - have seen the patch notes.

I got asked some questions regarding individual classes by people at the Guild Summit and have answered all of them. When / if these people decide to divulge those answers is up to them.

In regards to comments about 'relative silence about class X': We generally do not comment on balance related plans or findings on the Forums, for any class, until we have made a firm decision to change something and the patch that does so is on the Public Test Server. Doing anything else would limit options and create unreasonable expectations.

We do, at rare occasions, hint at upcoming changes (e.g. in a Q&A), but these cases are exceptions.

Yes, you may say 'Georg, then give us the real information'. That's fair, we totally appreciate that you guys are impatient. However, giving you that information requires it to be final, and it is not. It will be final enough for initial public consumption when patch 1.2 is on PTS.

It's tempting to give snippets and hints about these changes here, now, to calm people down - but all that will accomplish is everyone who isn't getting their information will cry foul. It's happening already based on the article you are referencing ("Why are you nerfing X but not Y"), which is completely void of any details. On the internet, saying X means that everyone else hears 'Not Y'.


Yes, I want you to have that information, but I want everyone to get it at the same time, when it is ready, and I want you to get the full picture. Thus, you will all get it with the full patch notes on PTS. Once that information is there, you can test the changes on the server and voice your feedback as usual and yes, some people will be happy, some won't.

If we ever reach the point where every class thinks they are completely balanced and everything is great, I'll take the red pill and unplug from the matrix.