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#1 GL's grasp on his own IP is inconsistent at best and berserk retconny as a norm, so even though this is "his" universe, subject to his insanity and hamfisted sand castle-building, anyone who plays in his universe will still try to make sense of it. Hence, the view that dark and light should be balanced, and not that balance is the absence of one in favor of the other.

#2 (the spoilers for Darth Plagueis) Apparently that darkness that nerfed the Jedi's ability to do anything useful at all was a deliberate act by Plagueis and a young Sidious. The ripped into the force to create an effect that muzzled Jedi precognitive and sensitive abilities, which is how both were able to explicitly manipulate the Senate without discovery.

#3 As an aside, considering the view that life=light side and death=darkside, you'd have thought that meat-grindering millions of clones would have an a far more adverse affect on the force than a pair of universe-equivalent neckbeards in a basement launching ddos attacks on Jedi sensitivity.