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What balance?! that feature you can only use in pve while leveing in planets while you have a companion and has a 20 mim cooldown.... it wont change nothing, its only to give you a certain flavour, and for roleplaying porpuses.
why we dont discuss cool stuff for a change, like the removal of sprint ability?
thats right sprint is now base speed since lvl 1, and instead in lvl 14 or so you get a special ability, like the consular/ inquisitor have ( force speed) the BH wil be able to fly with his jetpack, i dont know about you but i like this alot. now pretty much every class will be usefull in huttball for instance, as every class get a special ability like that.
Why no one talks about this i wonder i think is a pretty big thing.
From the things i could see in 1.2 notes so far , swtor will be launched in 1.2 not as it is was back in december. My mean the 1.2 features should have been in the launch not 3 months after. But hey, at least they arrive :P
also i like to point out the buffs from your alts you get :P they give you the option to eventualy through the legacy system to unclock all the bufss from your alts to every toon you have. And it works in pvp too as far i understand. that is cool, YOu eevntualy with the click of one ability you will be buffed with all possible buffs, as well your party.
Probably because alot (like I) is not quite informed of everything in 1.2. Keep going, i find it very interesting. What does the smuggler get?