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So we'll have even more Juggernauts who suddenly grapple us, Smugglers who suddenly Force Charge us and Marauders who suddenly vanish into stealth just as we approach them? Yay.

Are there any UI changes planned, then, to make it at least clear what the class of your current target is, if you can't see it on them in the game world? I mean, that's horribad in itself, having to refer to the UI to figure out what the person coming at me actually IS, but it's better than not having a chance to know until it's too late.

Perhaps that bothers not many others because it's most important in Huttball, and nobody but me seems to like that?
any reason you can't look at the weapon(s) of the target to tell you this?
if i have 1 blaster I can only be 1 class on any side
2 blasters ... easy
double-saber ... easy
2 sabers ... easy
1 saber ... take two guesses. the one in front and not in the back is the juggernaut
rifle ... easy

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