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Hey guys

Fantastic thread, definitively worth a sticky.

Am on the move right now and will compare my list of Orange schematics with yours and add what is missing.

Am Jugg Sith Syntweaving lvl 290 (top of my head) and have a lot of orange schematics.

I craft a lot of thise items and sell them on GTN. Interesting enough, their prices are not necessarily related to their lvl but only their look.

For example, Sith Warrior head and Sith Warrior Chestguard look really cool and are therefore on high demand right now despite they are one of the lowest Heavy set.

Do i send the missing screenshot directly to you or post there ?

Would be great to keep the list updated.
Thanks! Yeah, I know the Warrior Chestguard is in demand on my server as well.

If you have a screenshot that's just a screenshot, you can send them directly to me ( and I will try to put them in the gallery type format. It would be great if you have front and back and male and female shots, as eventually that's how I'd like to see all of them for consistency. If you already have the gallery type shots, you can just link them here and I will add them to the original post.

I don't know what will change with the update in 1.2, but I'd love to have these all completed by then and simply add any new outfits as they come along. Any help with getting this thread to that level is greatly appreciated .
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