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03.09.2012 , 12:04 AM | #60
i tell you one thing cons/inq both need a serious nerf or they need to have to choose between dps/heals i have a 50 inq and its for pve i brought it one time into a wz and i will never pvp with that toon again i got an insane amount of kills and it was impossible me for to die lol. I was gonna delete but kin said no to keep and trait for pve which i was doing but after playing that thing in a wz lolz no one can be serious about thinking thier good playing a con/inq both sides of that class are HUGELY op. I wish the ladder system or board was up to see what classes are played the most seeing as 98% of the players are inq/con lolz.

No class on either side should be able to heal and dps at the same time like both sides do. Lighting/rocks need a 5% or so dmg reduction tbh the lighting needs more then 5% reduction