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Quote: Originally Posted by Coldin View Post does and it doesn't. Can't look at one part and say "Oh it's fine", nor can we look at one part and say "There's a problem." However, we can look at the skill sets of all the classes, and make some comparisons. We can also compare one DPS to another DPS, like Assassin to Operative.

Smugglers break down into Ranged DPS, Melee DPS, and Healer. That's only one less role, but yet instead of seeing a 3:4 ratio between Smugglers and Consular, we're seeing nearly 2:1. You can blame Iconic Status for this, but if you ask me, Han Solo is just as iconic as....was there any notable Consulars in the movies?

I wonder if I should cross my fingers for 1.2 on the PTS tomorrow.
han solo can be as iconic as you want him to be, people want to use a lightsaber, and its really that simple for some people.

Plus, I understand some people are having issues with the scoundrel and op DPS specs, But I group with some legit ones daily and they absolutely wreck people. Every class has shortcomings. Hell My assualt specced troopers ammo management is horrid compared to other classes AP management. But you have to look at your classes good points and weigh with the bad. Scoundrel and ops are still extremely strong classes. At least in pvp they are. They were absolutely rediculous before. Everyone knows it. Some people were just having success on them, those people were bad. The good ones were popping out of stealth and killing 2 people in 15 seconds. One of them could have been a tank, didnt matter. I saw people opening for 9k.

If people are having to spec to counter your class, your class is a problem. On my sage I put 2 points into the bubble bursting mezzes for 3 seconds for one reason, Stealth pops. Because I know if I dont have that. Your class is specifically designed to kill me. Rock to Scissors.

I know people go into a rogue thinking, I can just run around by myself and kill people with my burst. My class is designed to do that. Wrong. This games PVP is very team oriented. Before none of you had to focus fire to have success in pvp. Now youre like every other class who has to jump on same targets and be opportunist in order to kill organized people in pvp.