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To be fair the cons/inqs break down into healer, ranged dps, mele dps and tank so with offering 4 different play styles under the 1 class start point was always going to mean there would be a lot of them.

It doesn't really have to with any balancing issues. does and it doesn't. Can't look at one part and say "Oh it's fine", nor can we look at one part and say "There's a problem." However, we can look at the skill sets of all the classes, and make some comparisons. We can also compare one DPS to another DPS, like Assassin to Operative.

Smugglers break down into Ranged DPS, Melee DPS, and Healer. That's only one less role, but yet instead of seeing a 3:4 ratio between Smugglers and Consular, we're seeing nearly 2:1. You can blame Iconic Status for this, but if you ask me, Han Solo is just as iconic as....was there any notable Consulars in the movies?

I wonder if I should cross my fingers for 1.2 on the PTS tomorrow.