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Quote: Originally Posted by GeorgZoeller View Post
In 1.2, the following things will happen:

1) The cost for training will go down across all tiers.
2) The cost for tier 3 speeder models will go up across the board.
3) Certain landspeeder models will be removed from the game (the ones on sale right now).

The net result will be a significant reduction in level-up license training costs as well as a measurable reduction in the acquisition of your level 50 speeder. Purchasing additional speeders at level 50 will be more expensive, something you could call a luxury tax

TL;DR: If you want to game the system and save money, buy your tier 3 speeder now and wait to get the corresponding license after 1.2 goes live.
I've tried to get your attention regarding an error in 1.1.5 with no success so far.

All speeder prices were reduced as promised. But the requirements to obtain the speeders WERE NOT reduced as promised on the Korrealis Sovereign (and the imp equivalent). It STILL requires valor level 65 and is BoP. I strongly suspect that is an oversight on BW's part. You removed the social 10 requirement on the Barron and it can be traded. Same goes for the other speeders.

Please confirm your intent with this speeder. I have been playing the game as intended, enjoying the leveling process and even doing some pvp along the way (level 10 now). I should hit level 50 before 1.2, but there is no way on Illum that I'll get to level 65 valor before 1.2. Additionally, keeping this requirement will only reward the exploiters who farmed the Reps on Illum. I never exploited and played the game as intended (not spacing through convos). Now, doing so, I will be out of luck being able to get this soon to be collectors item.

Did you INTEND to keep the Valor requirement on this vehicle while removing it from all the other soon to be extinct vehicles? Did you intend to keep it BoP while making the others tradeable?
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